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Our Services


  After we thoroughly analyze your case requirements, we customize our service platform and workflow strategy to make sure every one of your particular needs are met. Our team includes some of the field’s most accomplished paralegals, research experts, and IT professionals.     Key services include: case related research, decipher discovery, simplifying complex discovery production, coordination of counsel team information, streamlining the flow of case material, implementing efficient information gathering techniques, and summarizing material.   Our services will save your firm time, and therefore money. What’s more, our rates are highly competitive and surprisingly low. To receive a quote, call us at 914-226-3444 or email us  info@justicetechpros.com

  • Discovery Extraction
    Implement shared database for Counsel to review and analyze information
  •  Research Analysis
  • Audio Transcription: Wire Taps, Consensual Recordings, etc
    Spreadsheet implementation
  • Scheduling Coordinate defense team responsibilities 
  • Consolidate case correspondence
    Technology assessment to improve function and systems. 
  • Factual research, document collection and preparation
  • Proofing, formatting, cite checking, and table prep
  • Client and witness interviews
  • Document production
  • Redacting
  • Exhibit preparation
  • Hyperlinked briefs/e-briefs
  • Electronic trial and exhibit notebooks
  • Transactional work, including document preparation, review and verification
  • Investigation techniques/support
  • Client Communication (keeping Clients up to date on case developments)

Our Philosophy


  At Justice Technology Professionals, we know your clients are the number one priority of your firm. In turn, they become the number one priority of our team. We provide constant communication, direct support, and have no middle man.    The team we assign to you consists of highly trained experts, carefully selected to meet the very specific needs of your case. Our team becomes a seamless part of your team. They’ll do whatever is necessary to meet all your deadlines, even the “impossible” ones – while providing meticulous attention to detail.  

What Our Clients Have to Say


"In thirty years of Criminal practice I have never met anyone who could mine and dredge information technology, and this includes lawyers, with the speed and skill of Dominick Crea.  The assistance that Mr. Crea has rendered to me in the highest and lowest profile cases has been invaluable.  I have never seen anything like it and if I practice for another thirty years I don't think I will ever again see anything like it" 

Howard Greenberg, Esq. - Brooklyn, NY

"I have known Mr. Dominick Crea of many years and have worked with him on criminal matters. He organized and implemented a shared data base for voluminous discovery production with great success. In addition, he analyzed, extracted and summarized substantial volumes of materials saving the attorneys working on the matter many hours of tedious labor.  Dominick possesses excellent organizational, investigative and computer skills. I recommend him without reservation for any paralegal task he might be assigned" 

 Robert S. Franklin, P.A. - West Palm Beach, FL

"I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Dominick Crea most recently on a complex RICO case filed in federal court in the Southern District of New York. The complex nature of the case required a mastery of voluminous discovery, which was oftentimes difficult to extract from various computer programs. Mr. Crea did an excellent job of organizing data in a way that made it easier to understand, and also compiling statistical information. He also understands computer search programs.  It is without reservation that I would recommend him for any paralegal task, given these valuable skills."
Valentine Rodriguez, Esq -  West Palm Beach, FL

"Dominick is an unusually organized and diligent paralegal.  He has carefully analyzed and transcribed copious amounts of discovery, and constantly followed up with our attorneys, making himself an invaluable asset to  our organization.  Dominick has a strong eye for detail and is very dedicated to his work which can often be tedious and complex. I could not recommend him more highly."

Jeffrey Lichtman - New York, NY

Recently, I have worked with Dominick Crea in connection with a serious federal criminal matter.  In short, he is an outstanding paralegal.  He is diligent and hardworking, with a keen attention to detail.  Dominick is very responsive to communications with counsel, often troubleshooting problems and proposing smart solutions.  His efforts in reviewing, digesting, and organizing vast amounts of discovery are very impressive.  I am confident that he would be an asset to your organization. 

Robert Caliendo, Esq - New York, NY



  If You Have Questions, We Have Answers   If you have questions about our services and how we work, we’re eager to answer them. So if your questions aren’t included below, call us at 914-329-4412 or email us  info@justicetechpros.com

Q: Are you Attorneys?   Absolutely not. We work with attorneys as a support structure in a paralegal / technology expert capacity to enhance and improve their workflow. This frees up their time so they can focus more on their assigned case load.  

Q: Do you work with the general public?    Our services are geared toward law firms and attorney practices. We work closely with the defense team to provide comprehensive and detail oriented support to enhance their ability to represent their clients.  

Q: What is your service model?   Our team becomes the attorney's team. Shift hours don't exist. We respond and produce whatever is needed, whenever it’s needed. Dedication, loyalty, professionalism, experience, and passion – and a willingness to work 24/7/365 if necessary – are all required to work for Justice Technology Professionals.   

Q: Are your service costs competitive?   By bundling your services and using our team you will save on internal overhead with superior results. Once you receive our proposal you will view the savings offered compared to firms who with similar services. Discovery extraction organizations can be quite costly in of itself. Justice Tech Pros delivers unmatched support at a significantly lower cost.   

  Q: What sets you apart? Justice Technology Professionals was founded on the premise that going above and beyond should be routine. We understand the sometimes urgent need law firms have for high caliber legal assistance. So we’re always “on” and available – 24/7/365. We’re exceptionally skilled at everything we do, and we do everything. Our attention to detail and work ethic are unmatched. In short, no other paralegal provider performs the way we do. For more details, we invite you to read our client testimonials.    


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